Eliko Ltd

Eliko Ltd was founded in 1991. The business idea is based on providing small- and medium-sized businesses with reliability, expertise and long-term customer relationships. 

Our clientele includes many planning and consultation agencies as well as IT-businesses. We also specialise in providing accounting and payroll services to construction firms. We offer our clients comprehensive, up-to-date e-solutions as well as traditional accounting services. Every month all our clients receive easily understandable real time graphic reports. Our aim is to help you succeed!

Our team of professional accountants has been trained to provide you with high quality service. Four of our staff members have fulfilled the requirements for the specialised KLT-accounting examination; one of them is specialised in payroll management. 

Owner: Ms Elina Witt, CEO, Senior partner/Founder, KLT-accountant.


Eliko Ltd is situated in Espoo:

Teollisuuskatu 33
00510 Helsinki
Tel: (09) 5617 670.

Authorised accounting firm & Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms (Taloushallintoliitto)

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